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Holy God, Holy and Glorious (ELW 637) sung during communion at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Houston, Texas on Christ the King Sunday, November 24, 2013.

  Stanza 1: All
  Stanza 2: Women
  Stanza 3: Choir
  Stanza 4: Men
  Stanza 5: All

Holy God, holy and glorious, glory most sublime, You come as one among us into human time, And we behold your glory. 

Holy God, holy and powerful, power without peer, You bend to us in weakness; emptied, you draw near, And we behold your power. 

Holy God, holy and beautiful, beauty unsurpassed, You are despised, rejected; scorned, you draw nearer, you hold us fast, And we behold your beauty. 

Holy God, holy and only wise, wisdom of great price, You choose the way of folly: God the crucified, And we behold your wisdom. 

Holy God, holy and living one, life that never ends, You show your love by dying, dying for your friends, And we behold you living. 

Words: Susan Briehl
Tune: Robert Buckley Farlee

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